"It's a cartoon-and-cabaret vision with local actors and band members in on the mayhem...To that end, BMO's debut CD, A Little Trash Goes a Long Way, celebrates madcap theatricality with lounge versions of Boston's 'More Than a Feeling' sharing space with twisted adaptations from Bizet to Bowie, Beethoven to Brian Eno"
- Pulse


"An eclectic personality, perverse humor, and sophisticated musicianship make the Big Mess Orchestra the linchpin of Philadephia's mod cabaret culture."
- Jonathan Takiff, The Philadelphia Daily News


"Led by Andy Bresnan, Big Mess is a collective of versatile musicians who provide an eclectic backdrop to a rotating cast of drag queens, dancing snowmen, and various other colorful characters that could be described as garage theater."
- Sara Sherr, The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Pop song stylings by a big band orchestra. Torch singers who take off their clothes to tunes like 'Manic Depression!' Really good performance art. We'll say it again: a better time you could not have!" -City Paper


"With a pinch of kitsch and a dash of re-hash, you have the inimitable Big Mess Orchestra...Big Mess is a tight, oompah-ing 11-piece band that does songs like 'More Than a Feeling' or Nirvana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' (sung by the bouncing Shirley Temple-esque Buongiorno Twins to bleating horn accompaniment), or a reggae take on Beethoven's 7th."
- Margit Detweiler, City Paper


"The Big Mess features bandleader Andy Bresnan and some of the city's most talented and versatile musicians. This event, hosted by the "alluring" Carlota TTendant, is a mix of great music, vaudeville, wild performances, and of course, the classic 'Off- our- backs- on- to- yours' striptease auction."
- Thing